The Wildlife Orphanage: Season Two

Klaus Stoni GepardOur camera teams spent six months in Namibia filming on various farms. Harnas was familiar to viewers from the first season, while Okutala Etosha was established as a new, fascinating location. The farm near the Etosha National Park provided some exciting stories, including the delivery of rhinoceroses from South Africa by truck and the arrival of two orphaned elephants.

Season two (episodes 41-85, 48 minutes each) for Germany’s SWR broadcaster. In co-operation with EIKON Südwest, Stuttgart. First broadcast on the ARD in September 2013.

Visible Game, Valuable Game

_1030051 PfefferleStefan Pfefferle is a professional hunter from Germany’s Allgäu region, responsible for overseeing an unusual territory: despite active hunting, visitors are able to observe the wild animals in their natural environment.

In a 14-minute film for the hunting clients of the Austrian Federal Forests, Pfefferle explains how he has made this possible while still maintaining his mandated hunting quota. He has also produced a document explaining his methodology as part of a scientific thesis for the Vienna University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences. Camera: Bernhard Wallentin, editor: Jörg Achatz, director: Manfred Christ, wildlife footage: Stefan Pfefferle.