Colombia – wild and free

KolumbienThe Republic of Colombia is a largely unknown natural paradise. Many national parks were closed off for decades as a result of the country’s guerrilla wars. During the conflict the fighters of the FARC and ELN became the kings of the wilderness, establishing their camps and drug laboratories in remote mountainous regions, the Amazon and the expansive plains of Orinoco province. The guerrillas spread fear and terror but also unintentionally acted as armed guards for the local wildlife, preventing the expansion of human settlements, economic development and logging in the last remaining sections of untouched rainforests.

Only now, following successful negotiations and peace treaties between the government and the large guerrilla factions, is it becoming possible to explore the true beauty and diversity of Colombia’s nature. 2 x 50 minutes, written and directed by Harald Pokieser. A co-production by ORF, ORF Enterprise, ARTE GEIE, Doclights GmbH/NDR and Cosmos Factory.