Exhibition World Heritage Site Lake Neusiedl

Alte Scheunenreihen in Oslip

The exhibition is known as “Welterbe Neusiedler See / Fertö taj - vielfältige Kulturlandschaft zwischen Alpen und Puszta”, or “World Heritage Site Lake Neusiedl – a diverse cultivated landscape between Alps and Puszta”. The video clips for the exhibition are produced by Cosmos Factory for the Neusiedlersee-Seewinkel National Park as part of a European Union project.

The clips cover a range of subjects, from one-lane villages enclosed by old rows of barns to ancient wine cellars, from narrow plots of land as a result of inheritances to construction materials such as reeds, sandstone and loess, as well as wind parks and their impact on the landscape. Camera: Josef Neuper (2016)