Extreme! – From Valley Deep to Mountain High

Peru ExtremIn the near future, some of the settlement areas will become uninhabitable, and new land will need to be tapped into because of climate change. Are there any limitations to realizing the impossible? The third part of filmmaker Udo Maurer’s voyage through the world’s extremes compares life at sea level with the highest mountains of the world. From the lagoons and palm beaches of the South Sea Islands whose highest peak is often only soem few meters high to the highlands of Ethiopia at four thousand metres. From the shores of Dead Sea, located at 408 meters below sea level, to the 5400 meter high La Rinconada, the gold minder city, in the Peruvian Andes.┬áLa Rinconada is not like any other place, it is the highest inhabited place on Earth. If someone dares to go that long stretch, it is only for one reason: to become rich. In fact, there is gold in La Rinconada – and that attracts adventurers from all over the world.
Directed by Udo Maurer, written by Manfred Christ. A co-production of ORF, FreMantle Media and Cosmos Factory.