Greece in Bloom

GriechenlandUnemployment, poverty, upheaval, bankruptcy – Greece’s image has hit rock bottom. The country is finished in the eyes of Europe. But what is life really like out there, in the olive groves, on the islands and in the tavernas?
In April, the most beautiful time of the year, the filmmakers explore the mood among ‘the simple people’ during a several week long boat-trip from Crete to Western Greece. How are they experiencing the crisis? What do the reformations mean to them? What happened to ‘good old Greece’?

Fabian Eder finds out during his survey that surprisingly many people manage to put aside GNP, debt cut and economic crisis. One escapes to the tried and trusted: music, mediterranean lifestyle and the blessings of the greek cuisine. The tour through the Greek islands shows a country worth living in – it produces hope and contradicts the daily coverage of Greece’s situation. A Backyard/Cosmos Factory production (50 minutes)