Hyena – Queen of the Masai Marai

HyänenThe unusual portrait of a much maligned hunter, the hyena – a dramatic story built around the competition for prey and territory and the fight for survival. The setting is Kenya’s legendary Masai Mara.
Michigan State University biologist Kay Holekamp and her team travel into hyena territory, observing from the air and the ground. Kay reveals the extraordinary intelligence of the hyenas, hunting tactically in groups, always led by females; hyenas also launch crafty solo attacks on their favourite prey, topi antelopes; and even hunt flamingos!
Lions, cheetahs and hyenas form a triangle of top predators on the savannah. They steal from, attack and harass one another and will kill each others’ young if they get the chance. Surprisingly, this film suggests that of them all, the hyena may well be «Number One», Queen of the Masai Mara.
50 minutes, written and directed by Harald Pokieser. A co-production by ORF, Cosmos Factory and Fremantle Media.