Wild Nairobi

Wild Nairobi -2With a population of around 3 million, Nairobi is one of the largest cities in Africa. However the metropolis is surrounded by wilderness which extends into the city itself.┬áJust a few metres from the airport lies the Nairobi National Park, with its vast savannah and mysterious inhabitants. Beside the motorway, lions, hyenas, giraffes and rhinoceros wander through grassland, separated only by a wire fence, while in the city centre hundreds of marabous breed in the tree lined streets. Hordes of apes terrorise people walking in the city’s parks.
This is a journey of discovery through a city full of contradictions and teeming with nature, technology and wildness, in which humans and animals live together as – sometimes unwilling – neighbours. 50 Minutes, written and directed by Udo Maurer and Manfred Christ. Cosmos Factory for ORF and FreMantle Media in association with ORF Enterprise.